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Event Staffing


Waiting Staff

All of our waiting staff undergo a vigorous selction process, followed by our full training.  We realise that it is not just the ability of the staff but the attitude that plays an important role in service.  We ensure that all of our staff are personable and confident to be able to talk freely with any of your guests, which helps them to remain attentive at all times.


Bar Staff

We believe the same rules apply to our bar staff as our waiting staff,  We ensure that they are personable and attentive to guests at all times.  During our training we cover all aspects, from service to the customer journey to social responsibility, ensuring that guests feel that they are not only getting good drinks, but good service as well.

  Bar staff at a Corporate Christmas Party 

Event Staff

Our staff are well suited to helping out with all aspects of your event.  Their personable nature makes them an ideal fit as a meeter and greeter or general event assistant.


Promo staff

Our friendly, personable staff are the perfect ambassador for your brand, whether you need them to hand out flyers on the street or showcase a product. 

 Bristol Zoo

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