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We offer the perfect solution to your working needs.  We operate in a flexible manner, which allows you to decide when you wish to work.  The majority of our staff are made up of students, at school or University, who need to work to supplement their studies but can't always be available at the same time every week, or others who have full time jobs but looking for that little bit extra.

All staff receive full training from us before being sent on an assignment to ensure they have the confidence and knowledge needed to excel at their work.  Training sessions take place every Tuesday at 1pm and last for around two hours.  The training sessions are held at our bar on Whiteladies Road - Bar 135, 135 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2PL


If you are interested in joining our team please send us a copy of your CV, a passport style photo and a simple cover letter stating whether you a) drive and have access to a car, b) have any friends who currently work for us and c) when you are able to start working. Please note we aim for staff to complete a shift within two weeks of training. Please send this to

Your application will be kept on file indefinitely however if at any point you would like us to remove your application, please inform us via email.

There is no dress code for the training sessions but you will need to bring with you your black uniform so that we can check to see if it meets our standards, see below.  Please leave the tags on if newly purchased in case they need to be returned.


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